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Mrs. Roberts' Virtual Classroom

This page will mention some of the programs available to students to further their classroom learning.

Morning Program

Our morning program is also popular. This is for students who need to arrive at Liberty before 9am. It is a program through the YMCA. If you have any questions or wish to sign up, please contact Mrs. Saunders-Potts in the front office.

YMCA After School Program

Our day program is ideal for students who wish to participate in school plays, musicals, recreation room with pool tables, arts and crafts, yearbook staff, Renaissance EAGLE committee, school newspaper, gym games, homework help with certified teachers, and much, much more! Please get the registration form from Mrs. Saunders- Potts in the main office. Best of all it is FREE!


Please call or e-mail me at:
 with questions on the various programs.
I will make sure students have everything necessary to get involved!