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Mrs. Roberts' Virtual Classroom
What Am I Checking For In Your Essay?

           I am checking to make sure you planned  

       your essay before you write it.


       The first sentence of the essay GRABS the readers attention! You may use dialogue, quotes, amazing facts, thought provoking questions, etc



       You must state your three points in both your first (introductory) paragraph, and your fifth (conclusion) paragraph.


       Thesis statement is the last sentence in your first paragraph.


       You use INTERESTING transition words!


       No worn out words or boring words. Use many different words instead of: good, bad, fun, cool, great, very, many, really, pretty, neat, nice, etc. Use thesaurus or vocabulary words instead.


       You must use a comparison, simile, or metaphor in your essay. It works best in your final paragraph as part of your final sentence.

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